The Xavier Cortada Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Miami, Florida.

Since 1994, Cortada’s community-driven artwork has catalyzed over 25 acres of ecological restoration, generated participatory eco-art projects in every Miami-Dade County public school and library, and amplified marginalized voices across the world through collaborative message murals.

The Cortada Foundation is currently focused on driving awareness and action around the climate crisis in South Florida by engaging residents in projects such as “The Underwater,” an interactive public art campaign that reveals the vulnerability of coastal cities to rising seas, and activities such as the Cortada Science Art Academy, an immersive after school program based at Pinecrest Gardens.

Art Connects Science, Communities, and Policy for Change


The science is clear: Humanity must change course to avoid the worst effects of our climate and ecological crises.

Unfortunately, this transformation is needed during a time characterized by incredible polarization, civil unrest, and threats to our democracy.

The question is: How can we unite and work together to  overcome these massive challenges?


We believe that art has the unique ability to engage diverse audiences, evoke strong emotions, and catalyze collective action.

By immersing people in artistic experiences, we aim to foster inclusive communities that are not only informed, but also inspired to find common ground and drive meaningful change.


The Xavier Cortada Foundation’s mission is to use socially engaged art to create meaningful and transformative experiences that educate, inspire, and mobilize communities to take collective action against our climate and ecological crises.


We envision a future where communities harness the power of art as a force for social change and creatively work together in building a more just, loving and beautiful world.

For three decades, Xavier Cortada has worked collaboratively with communities around the world to create art projects that address important social and environmental concerns. The artist created a nonprofit, the Xavier Cortada Foundation, to grow and advance many of his socially engaged art projects in order to build a more just, loving and beautiful world.
You can learn more about the artist and his work here.