A Foundation of Leadership

At the Xavier Cortada Foundation, we believe in nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. Our internship program offers high school and college students the opportunity to work on real-world projects, assist with the planning and execution of events and programs, and engage with diverse stakeholders, including scientists, educators, and community members.

Importantly, Cortada Foundation interns get exposure to the intersection of creativity and environmental advocacy, learning about the power of art as a medium for communication, education, and social change. They witness firsthand how art can be used as a tool for raising awareness, fostering community engagement, and promoting positive environmental action.

If you are interested in becoming an intern, please contact us at [email protected].

interns over the years

Rome Frost

Elias-jose Vasquez

Hannah Nossan

Jamal Wilson

Patricia Menendez

Alexis Cambridge

Livio Zanardo

Genesis Cosme

Emme Watkins

Mireille Ntab

Diana Dowd

Mikhail Cunill

David Carson

David Ehrens

Leah Henseler

Matt ellis Ramirez

Sophie Colantuono

Myra Knowles

Dale Pontone

Ethan Rozencwaig

Ava De Leon

Luke Norris

Ryan deering

Anna Lucchese

Sara Hooper


dharma proctor

Patrick Rodriguez

Sylas Anand

Peter Kellogg

Natalia Rovira

Katie Schumann

Aida Stevenson

Veronica Guevara

Gwen Pohlmann

Nicole Cuesta

Santiago Fernandez