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Adam roberti, executive director

Adam Roberti serves as executive director of the Xavier Cortada Foundation. In this role, Roberti works alongside Miami-Dade County’s inaugural artist-in-residence Xavier Cortada to implement large-scale, interactive eco-art projects such as the Reclamation Project and The Underwater – two initiatives featured in Cortada’s 2022 TED Talk. Through these ongoing public art interventions, Roberti leads the foundation in partnering with local schools, universities, museums, businesses, and Miami-Dade County’s Office of Resilience, Parks Department and Public Library System to help thousands of residents discover their vulnerability to, and plan for a future with, rising seas, extreme heat, and intensifying hurricanes.

Roberti received a Bachelors in Ecosystem Science & Policy and a Masters of Environment, Culture, and Media from the University of Miami, where he serves on an interdisciplinary research team focused on climate migration and retreat. Roberti has also shared his expertise through speaking engagements with the Aspen Institute, National Wildlife Federation, Everglades Foundation, and multiple universities.

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