At the Cortada Science Art Academy, we’re on a mission to nurture the next generation, empowering them to become leaders in environmental conservation through the fusion of art and science.

With your generous support, we can expand access to this immersive program for local students who may not have the means to participate otherwise. Your contribution directly funds scholarships, enabling deserving children to embark on a journey of discovery, creativity, and environmental stewardship.

Please join us in sparking a fire within the hearts and minds of our young people. Together we can make a lasting impact and prepare our community to address the urgent challenges that lie ahead.

Thank you for being a catalyst for change. Your support paves the way for a more inclusive and hopeful future.

For every $495 scholarship you purchase, you will receive a signed, limited-edition print of Cortada’s “Vincennes,” valued at $250. As the only artist who has created work at both of the Earth’s poles, Cortada created this piece using sea ice, glacier and sediment samples provided by scientists as part of his “Antarctic Ice Paintings” series.

Program cost is $495 per child. Each donation to the Cortada Science Art Academy Scholarship Fund will directly cover the tuition of local students through need-based scholarships. 

As the Cortada Academy is run by the Xavier Cortada Foundation, your donation is tax-deductible.

Pictured: Xavier Cortada, “Vincennes,” archival ink on paper (signed, numbered, limited-edition print | edition of 150), 11″ x 14″, 2007.

Pinecrest Gardens, South Florida’s Cultural Arts Park, presents Cortada Science Art Academy at Pinecrest Gardens as part of the Village of Pinecrest’s educational programming.

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