‘Sun Rays’ Diatom

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Xavier Cortada’s “Diatoms” at Turkey Lake plaza near Orlando, Florida is an exceptionally vibrant work, the limited-edition prints belonging in the permanent collection of Florida’s Department of State.

The artist prints showcase diatoms, sun-loving, single-cell organisms that harness the power of the sun to convert carbon dioxide into life-giving oxygen. These works promote a conceptually driven experience through an aesthetically striking composition.

One of each of the “Diatom” prints (series of 5) from “Florida is…Nature” are in the collection of Florida’s Department of State in Tallahassee, the works also having been exhibited at the Orlando Science Center, The Frank (Frank C. Otis Gallery and Exhibit Hall), and Creative Pinellas as an integral part of the artist’s exhibitions.

Xavier Cortada, “Sun Rays,” archival ink on aluminum, 2015.


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Xavier Cortada, High Noon diatom series, 2015