As Miami’s streets become the canvas for this climate art campaign, “The Underwater” promises not only to raise awareness but to motivate communities into action against the backdrop of one of the art world’s most celebrated weeks. Help create this community-wide public art installation by visiting our cultural partners during Art Week, December 4th-10th, 2023.

Pick up your Elevation Yard Signs by visiting one of our community nodes:

Bring "The Underwater" to your audiences

Cultural leaders can help shape and marshal their visitors to confront our climate threats. Because they are trusted by their audiences, cultural institutions have a unique opportunity to help. With dire projections of sea level rise, food and water shortages, and forced migrations due to climate disasters, our challenge is to lead by strategically facilitating creative ideas, modeling proactive behaviors, and providing individuals with a sense of agency in the problem-solving.

During Art Week 2023, your organization can be part of “The Underwater” by having our team do one or more of the following:

  • Install one custom Elevation Yard Sign
  • Create an installation of Elevation Yard Signs
  • Provide Elevation Yard Signs for distribution
  • Program an activity for your audiences

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